3 Unspoken Lessons Gifted Through Experience

3 Unspoken Lessons Gifted Through Experience

3 Unspoken Lessons Gifted Through Experience

Stocks fascinated me as a child. It was thrilling to be able to make calculated decisions that could possibly increase my initial investment. My investments were not as large as in my youth. My passion for the financial world grew with each investment. I eventually decided to become a wealth advisor. I realized that I was entering a male-dominated industry. Naturally, I was determined to learn how to be competitive among my colleagues and peers.

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“Experience, the teacher of all things” Julius Caesar

My experience as a wealth advisor increased over the years, and I became more aware of the unspoken lessons that were crucial in my career. Although I have read a lot of books about human behaviour and industry best practices, none of these studies gave me the keys that I needed to become an entrepreneur. These lessons were learned through experience, which is something money cannot buy. As a player in my career, chess had to take its course.

These are the three lessons I learned through my experience:

  1. Learn how to say thank you. Our world is demanding that we be efficient with our time. Many people prefer to send an email or leave a comment on social media. Both mediums lack warmth, and they don’t allow for a genuine investment of time. Two things money cannot buy are time and youth. The impact of a handwritten thank-you note is much more powerful in this instance. This gesture shows that you value yourself and that you care. You should be proud of what you do.
  2. Think about the power of a tribe. Business and life are team sports. Your growth is dependent on having the right people on your team. They should not be cheerleaders, but should also be people who can offer constructive feedback and support you in your growth. People who are open to sharing key perspectives, especially when it challenges popular views, are valued. This is often where you will find the guidance that you need to succeed.
  3. Use “Off” Time. It takes time to build a brand and develop a career. We live in an era where business professionals are expected to be available 24 hours a day. When trusted counsel is exhausted, guidance can sometimes seem ill-advised. All things, including trusted devices such as smartphones and computers, need to be recharged. To serve your clients better, don’t be afraid of working outside the normal business hours.

These three best practices have been a game-changer for me. By spending time saying “thank you” to clients and colleagues, I have been able to connect on a deeper level. I have cultivated a supportive network that will support me in my efforts to be unbiased about who I accept into my tribe. It has been a blessing to receive constructive support. Although implementing time can be more difficult than it seems, I have noticed how my guidance is more in-tune because I am more open to seeing the bigger picture. The greatest lesson is to choose to share your knowledge so that you can invest in other people… it’s an invaluable lesson that pays back in priceless ways.

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