5 Surprising Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Success

5 Surprising Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Success

5 Surprising Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Success

5 Surprising Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Success:- Everybody is entitled to have an unlucky day at times. However, when a bad day is turning into a negative week or even a bad month, it’s the right time to take a moment to reflect and evaluate, before your reputation as a leader is put at stake.

It is essential to pay attention to the manner of conduct and attitude you show to be efficient and respected as a leader. In times of pressure or stress, the brain will default to routine behaviours regardless of whether or not it is beneficial for the circumstance. These patterns could be destructive and indiscreet until the consequences are evident and alarming.

Self-sabotage at its most effective here is some tips to prevent it from becoming the best of you.

Five self-defeating identities are common to hinder as well, and in some instances limit future success and opportunities for certain of the best leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Negative behaviours comprise:

  • A person who complains. Constantly pointing out the problem in the situation hinders you from being perceived as an expert and problem solver within the group.


  • The act of being aggressive. Always having an explanation for your actions even if you’re not at work stops you from building trust with your clients and team members.


  • Hypercritical. If you’re finding problems with each solution, you’ll never be able to find an answer to the issue.


  • Self-deprecating. If you underestimate your capacity to deal with issues right from the beginning then you’ll prevent yourself from taking on more tasks.


  • A mortalist. When we give the power to the worst-case scenario and we also allow it into reality and overlook opportunities to succeed.

A majority of people have the same self-sabotaging type of identity while others self-identify as belonging to several categories.

Recognizing your sabotaging behaviour can be the very first stage to breaking the destructive pattern. Next step adopting the positive behaviour disruptor to substitute for the current behaviour pattern. The trick is to identify a trigger word for the self-sabotaging pattern to trigger the new behaviour. The trigger word is the signal for the new behaviour when the instinct is to initiate self-sabotaging.

“Self-doubt can be more destructive to the individual’s potential than all external limitations taken together.” — Brian Tracy

The Trigger Words You Need to Increase Your Prosperity

  • To stop the stress, consider to ELEVATE. Constant complaining and focusing on the obstacles can transform a minor problem into a larger issue. Leaders can change the perspective of their team members when they redefine difficult circumstances and opportunities. The ability to see the issue from a different angle problem provides greater perspective and clarity about the problem and boosts confidence in reaching the desired outcome.


  • To get over defensiveness, think about a QUESTION. Defensive behaviour prevents customers and team members from feeling heard, understood and appreciated. When you ask questions like, “how did this circumstance have an impact on your life?” offers the opportunity to understand the perspective of the other person to arrive at a mutually beneficial outcome.


  • To stop being a bit critical Think FORWARD. Finding a problem without a solution keeps you in the same spot and challenges your ability to discover an answer. Instead of looking for the best solution, you should be willing to try different solutions until the most effective solution is discovered.


  • To get rid of self-deprecation and self-esteem, think about EMBRACE. Clients and team members are looking to you for your unique skills and abilities and inspiration as an executive. Embarking on your brilliance is about recognizing your talents and strengths to tackle any issue with confidence.


  • To beat the fatalist, remember to RECALIBRATE. To prevent bringing a worst-case scenario to fruition, imagine your mind as the GPS. As each roadblock is identified be sure to direct your thinking process to take a detour to the best location.

Writing the trigger words on areas where you are likely to look can provide an image of the new pattern of behaviour. Wallpapers on your smartphone, the post-it note on your computer’s screen or a handwritten note on the top of a legal pad are good locations to help reinforce the changes you’re making.

Many executives and entrepreneurs put more emphasis on the work they put into the pursuit of their goals than paying attention to the energy and attitude they display during the process. They can go beyond to show the excellence of their work. This reinforces the notion that hard work is the key to the best results. Although there is no doubt fact that hard work is an integral part of the equation, it’s important to realize that it alone can only get you so far.

Mental power is the powerful combination that will help you avoid self-defeating behaviour.

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