International Yoga Day | Celebrated on Digital Media | Why Celebrated Yoga | History | Benefits

International Yoga Day | Celebrated on Digital Media | Why Celebrated Yoga | History | Benefits

International Yoga Day | Celebrated on Digital Media | Why Celebrated Yoga | History | Benefits

International Yoga Day is to be celebrated on digital media platforms this year

This year International Yoga Day is celebrated at home due to the COVID-19 epidemic and we try to celebrate on digital media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube etc. The federal government announced people not try to celebrate at a public place and not try to celebrate in the group. This year we celebrate on June 21 at 7 am in our home.

Indian Missions abroad strive to make people successful by digital mediums through a community of yoga-helping establishments.

The Ministry of AYUSH had previously deliberated on a grand occasion in Leh to be taken, however, due to the epidemic that needed to be cancelled.

In addition, through the ‘My Life My Yoga’ video running blog contestants, which were launched by the Prime Minister on 31st, the Ministry of AYUSH and ICCR have started promoting consciousness about Yoga and mobilizing and mobilizing people. Tried to encourage. In lively members within IDY 2022 comment.

The competition will run in two stages – the primary will be a world video featuring a blog contest, in which the winners can be selected inside a rustic. It can be adopted by international award winners who can be selected from completely different nations.

To enter the competition, members are required to add a three-minute video of three yoga exercises (Kriya, Asana, Pranayama, Bandha or Mudra), along with a brief video message/description explaining how yogic exercises are done in their lives. Affect.

They will do it in any language, said Vaishya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, AYUSH.

Kotecha said that admission can be given by members of three classes – youth (women and men under 18), adults (women and men over 18) and yoga professionals.

International Yoga Day

This makes it a complete six-round in all. For the contestants in India, prizes of Rs 1 lakh, 50kkay and 25Okay can be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place inside each class.

Pravasi Bharatiya Mission will give prizes in every country.

Internationally, these ratings can be awarded in the first, second and third position with the value of money awards USD 2,500, USD 1,500 and USD 1,000 trophies and certificates.

Video contestant blog contestants will present us with a huge amount of testimonials that can help us spread the phrase about yoga and its total benefits not only in terms of health but also effectively towards a strategy for human life. There are extras, dr. Said Vinay Sahasrabuddha, President of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

“A part of this, many aspects of yoga should be kept in front.
He said that yoga is not just physical exercise, besides it is to be physically and emotionally good and other people will share the benefits they are skilled in, ”he said.

Films can also be uploaded to Fb, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MyLifeMyYogaINDIA and acceptable class hashtags.
Kotecha is additionally aware that more than 2 lakh people have downloaded the iv Sanjeevani ‘cell utility to generate information about the acceptance and use of AYUSH advocates and its impact within measures and prevention of COVID19 among many residents 7 Was launched at

International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day Inspirational Quotes

Folks have been practising yoga for over 5,000 years now to maintain themselves healthy and match. To mark its significance, the International Day of Yoga is widely known yearly on June 21 since 2015. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who proposed the International Day of Yoga, has been an advocate of yogic asanas for a healthful dwelling.

Listed below are a couple of needs, inspirational quotes, WhatsApp standing and messages which you could share along with your family and friends to spotlight the significance of yoga.

One of many elementary ideas of yoga: A small motion executed repeatedly could make an unlimited distinction.”
— Dr Timothy McCall

Yoga is the right alternative to be interested in who you might be.” -Jason Crandell.

Yoga is like music,
The rhythm of the physique,
The melody of the thoughts and
Concord of the soul that creates the symphony of life.
Have a healthy yoga Day!

When this physique has been so magnificently and artistically created by God, it is just becoming that we should always keep it in good well being and concord by essentially the most glorious and creative science of Yoga.” Joyful International Yoga Day!

In reality, yoga doesn’t take time – it offers time.” -Ganga White

Yoga is the journey of the self, using the self, to the self.” — Bhagavad Gita

Surya Namaskar: The easiest way to start your day and have it finish with a contented feeling.

Develop into pals with happiness and well being with yoga and meditation…. A really Completely satisfied Worldwide Yoga Day.

Be part of fingers with yoga to disconnect with stress, ailments and boring life…. Happy Worldwide Yoga Day.

“Yoga is a lightweight, which as soon as lit, won’t ever dim. The higher your apply, the brighter the flame.” — B.Okay.S.

Iyengar “Anybody who practices can receive success in yoga however not one who’s lazy. Fixed apply alone is the key to success.” — Svatmarama

“Yoga is the right alternative to be interested in who you might be.” — Jason Crandell

“Earlier than you have practised, the speculation is ineffective. After you have practised, the speculation is apparent.” — David Williams

“Yoga is sort of like music in a means; there is not any finish to it.” — Sting

“Psychological alertness just isn’t consciousness. Psychological alertness solely enhances your survival instincts. It doesn’t take you in the direction of liberation.

International Yoga Day

Why International Day of Yoga is celebrated on 21st June?

International Yoga Day is known all over the world on 21 June. For the primary time, it was celebrated on 21 June 2015. As everyone knows the setting is changing and the world is turning into extra capable yoga to take care of such a setting and that is how it makes us whole. This lesson provides the theme of International Yoga Day, with the goal, why it is celebrated on 21 June and many more.

The International Day of Yoga is observed on 21 June to manifest consciousness about the importance and consequences of yoga on the well being of the people. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit, which means suffix or unison.

Yoga is a historical physical, psychological and religious pursuit that gives people peace, tranquillity, confidence, and bravery, by which they will perform many tasks in as many ways as possible. At each level of existence, it is a state of consent. Yoga is practised in various types around the world.

Allow us to examine why International Yoga Day is known, its historical past, the 2018 theme and how it is celebrated around the world.

International Yoga Day

International Day of Yoga 2019: Theme

The theme of International Yoga Day 2019 is “Local Weather Changes” and it will likely be adopted by a panel dialogue on 21 June 2019 with “Yoga with Guru” in the United Nations.

International Day of Yoga: History

International Yoga Day we also are known as World Yoga Day. For the primary time, it was celebrated on 21 June 2015. The initiative was taken by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi at a UN General Meeting on 27 September 2014 giving an impressive speech related to yoga and because of this, on 21 June, it was declared as “International Yoga Day” it was done. The USA celebrate that day on 21 June. and yoga day was the USA was authorized on 11 December 2014 by 193 members.

Within the General Meeting of the United Nations, Narendra Modi stated that “Yoga is a useful reward of India’s historical custom. It is a symbol of unity, thought and speed, restraint and fulfilment of ideas and physique; the synergy between man and nature; And a holistic strategy for being well. However, it is not about the train to explore your sense of unity with self, world and nature. Changing our lifestyles and creating consciousness, Will probably help us to take care of local weather changes. Towards adopting International Yoga Day ”.

Sam Kutesa, president of the UN Normal Meeting, introduced 21 June to enjoy International Yoga Day and more than 170 countries supported the Yoga Day proposal. This made it soft here that people know about the benefits of yoga, in addition, some of which are seen and some are invisible.

Do you know where Yoga was started?

In 1893, Swami Vivekananda addressed the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago, USA, during which he launched Yoga in the Western world. After that, many Japanese gurus and yogis exposed yoga to the world and, by and large, people began to accept it. Even yoga began to be studied within a type of subject, after which it was discovered that yoga has long-term benefits.
Within the final fifty years, it is not entirely a world event, however, 1000 individuals from all over the world have made it a part of their day.

How did yoga originate in India?

Yoga began in India before Vedic occasions. It has remained a part of Indians’ vision of life for years. Yoga is an important part of the Indian tradition and civilization during which there are qualities of each of the physical parts of humanity and religious uplift. It is the best combination of information, action and devotion. Maharishi Patanjali’s contribution is important for India; He has codified and organized yoga postures or practices within the Yoga Sutras.

Why 21st June is chosen for celebrating International Day of Yoga?

21 June is the day to tribute to the Sadgurus. Apart from this, summer is the day of solstice. During the June solstice, the North Pole is tilted in the direction of Solar or shall we say when the Solar begins to manoeuvre from North to South. From the point of view of yoga, this time is the transition interval, i.e. more time for meditation.
At the time of Sankranti or Uttarayana (Goal on 21 June), Adiyogi (primary yogi) moved in the direction of the south, and first, he turned his attention to the 7 royal saints who in addition replaced his first disciples. He only one who propagated the science of yoga in many parts of the world.

It is magnificent that 21 June marks this important occasion in the human historical past. This date within the Northern Hemisphere can also be the longest day of the year and has special significance in many components of the world.

What are the targets of the International Day of Yoga

– Making people aware of the benefits of yoga and connect with nature.
– To bring back the momentum of health-challenging diseases on the planet.
– To promote development, development and peace throughout the world.
– Making people aware of physical and psychological diseases and offering options through yoga. – Besides this, the goal is to develop a meditation practice for peace of thought, self-awareness which is important in a stress-free setting.

International Day of Yoga celebration gathering

On 21 June 2015, the Indian PM and other Thirty-six thousand people celebrated the Primary Yoga Day at Rajpath in New Delhi. 21 yoga postures or yoga asanas were performed for 35 minutes. The ceremony established two Guinness World Data: Primary was the largest yoga class and secondly, the largest nationality of 84 nations participated on the occasion. The award was presented to the Ministry of AYUSH and was acquired by AYUSH Minister Shripad Yesso Naik.

On 21 June 2016, the Ministry of AYUSH organized an occasion “The Nationwide Occasion of Mass Yoga Demonstration” in Punjab, during which Prime Minister and other many people participated.

On 21 June 2017 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, International Yoga Day has celebrated the place where various new information has been created. People from around 150 countries participated and the number of members was 51,000.
The theme of Yoga Day 2017 was “Yoga for Wellbeing”.
On 21 June 2018, Yoga Day has celebrated in Uttarakhand state India. Prime Minister Narendra did yoga with around 55,000 plus people.
The theme of International Yoga Day 2018 is “Yoga for Peace” organized by the everlasting mission of the United Nations of India.

International Yoga Day

Benefits of Yoga

– Yoga makes our bodies and minds wholesome.
– If common yoga follow is finished, then all health-related issues could be overcome.
– Yoga not solely offers psychological peace but in addition, generates a peaceable setting.
– It’s also obligatory to do yoga as our lifestyle is altering daily. It will possibly additionally assist us to take care of local weather changes.
– Yoga provides energy to the muscle tissue and the entire part of the physique.
– The Respiration course turns into wholesome; power and energy are additionally developed within the physique through yoga.
– Maintains balanced metabolism within the human being.
– Helps in decreasing weight and likewise maintain the cardio system wholesomely.
Little doubt yoga assists in decreasing the well being difficult illnesses all around the world. It joins folks with one another, helps in practising meditation and in getting aid from stress. It offers a hyperlink between the safety of well being and sustainable well-being growth. Due to this fact, we must always follow Yoga recurrently and make it part of our life.

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