Best Vincent Van Gogh Quotes About Love, Passion, God, Death

Best Vincent Van Gogh Quotes About Love, Passion, God, Death

Best Vincent Van Gogh Quotes About Love, Passion, God, Death

Vincent Van Gogh quotes: Vincent Van Gogh was one of those unfortunate souls that gained immense fame and respect posthumously as an artist. Van Gogh is widely considered to be one of the most important artists in the west. He produced over 2100 works, 800 of which were in his last two years. Van Gogh began drawing when he was very young and later became an art dealer. He was unable to take care of his physical health and became mentally unstable, often suffering from delusions. He never sold his art while he was still alive. He was only recognized and respected after his death. One of his artworks (Portrait of Dr Gachet) was sold for a jaw-dropping $171 million (inflation-adjusted). An art museum dedicated solely to Van Gogh’s artwork has been established in Amsterdam to pay tribute to his legacy. It houses the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings. Here are some of the most inspiring Vincent Van Gogh quotes on love, death and God. They will show you his misunderstood genius.

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Vincent Van Gogh Quotes

Keep your eyes open to the infinite and stars above. This will make life seem almost magical. >> Vincent Van Gogh

Art is meant to console the brokenhearted. >> Vincent van Gogh

I can only dream of my painting, and I can only paint what I see. >> Vincent van Gogh

I’m looking, I’m striving, and I’m in it with all of my heart. >> Vincent van Gogh

It’s good to love many things. Vincent Van Gogh

You will find beauty everywhere if you love nature. >> Vincent Van Gogh

…And then, I have poetry and nature, and if that’s not enough, what is? >> Vincent van Gogh

Although fishermen are well aware of the dangers of the sea and storms, they still find it hard to stay ashore despite these risks. Vincent Van Gogh

Nothing is more artistic than loving people. >> Vincent Van Gogh

It is not possible to do great things by acting on impulse. Instead, you need to take small steps and combine them. Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh

My art should touch people. They should feel that they are touched by my art. >> Vincent Willem van Gogh

Although I can’t be certain of anything, seeing the stars gives me hope. >> Vincent Van Gogh

I am trying to be more myself and care less about what people think. Vincent Van Gogh

Normality is a paved street: It’s easy to walk on, but it doesn’t support flowers. >> Vincent van Gogh

I’m always trying to do what I can’t do, to learn how it is possible. Vincent Van Gogh

If there is a voice in your head that says you can’t paint, you should paint. That voice will then be silenced. >> Vincent van Gogh

The heart of man is very similar to the sea. It has its storms, its tides, and its pearls. Vincent van Gogh

I put my heart and soul into the work I do, and have lost my mind along the way. >> Vincent van Gogh

My belief is that love of many things is the best way to get to know God. Vincent Van Gogh

It is often said that the night is more vibrant and richly colored than the days. >> Vincent van Gogh

It’s the same with reading books as it is with pictures. One must admire the beauty of the world without hesitations and with confidence. >> Vincent Van Gogh

Friends are life’s greatest treasures. Sometimes, they know us better that we do. They are gentle and honest and will guide and support us. We are never truly alone, their presence reminds us. >> Vincent van Gogh

Although the beginning may seem more difficult than any other, you can be assured that it will all turn out okay. >> Vincent van Gogh

It will never end. >> Vincent van Gogh

It’s looking at things for a longer time that makes you more aware and gives you a deeper understanding. >> Vincent Van Gogh

How would our lives be if we didn’t have the courage to try anything? >> Vincent Van Gogh

Peace Even in Storm >> Vincent van Gogh

If I’m worth anything in the future, it is worth what I’m worth now. Wheat is wheat, even though people may think it’s a grass at the beginning. >> Vincent van Gogh

A visit to a bookstore has brought me joy many times and reminded of the good things in this world. >> Vincent van Gogh

Don’t exaggerate the important, keep the obvious vague. >> Vincent Van Gogh

Keep your courage, be patient, and be gentle. Let us not be afraid to be eccentric and distinguish between good and bad. >> Vincent Van Gogh

Although there may be a tremendous fire in our souls, no one ever gets to heat themselves at it. Passers-by only see a wispy of smoke. >> Vincent van Gogh

Although I don’t know why, I love looking up at the stars and I dream. >> Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Willem van Gogh: To be patient without complaining is the only lesson in life.

You may have a burning heart in your soul, but no one will ever be able to rest there. Passers-by can see a tiny bit of smoke coming from the chimney, but they continue their journey. >> Vincent Van Gogh

One day, death will transport us to another star. >> Vincent van Gogh

In those beautiful moments, I feel a frightening sense of clarity. The paintings seem to be dreamlike and I’m not sure of my own abilities. >> Vincent Van Gogh

Your job is not about what brings you your weekly paycheck. Your profession is what you are called to do with such passion and intensity that it becomes spiritually meaningful. >> Vincent van Gogh

Even though it may seem difficult at times, don’t lose heart. Everything will work out in the end. Nobody can do everything exactly as they wish. >> Vincent Willem van Gogh

Admire as much of the world as possible. Most people don’t admire enough. >> Vincent van Gogh

It is important to tend the garden for your health, as you said. >> Vincent van Gogh

When I paint, the only way I feel alive, it’s when I am painting. >> Vincent Willem van Gogh

My part is not certain, but I can see the stars and it makes me want dreams. >> Vincent Van Gogh

There may not be anything wrong with you if you don’t own a dog, at least one. But there might be something wrong in your life. >> Vincent van Gogh

Despite being in deepest misery, I still feel calmness, harmony, and music within me. I see drawings and paintings in the smallest of places, even in the most shabby. My mind is driven by an irresistible momentum towards these things. >> Vincent van Gogh

Despite everything, I will rise again. I will pick up my pencil which I had forsaken during my great discouragement and continue with my drawing. >> Vincent Van Gogh

I believe that I still have the desire to one day paint a bookshop in yellow and pink at night…like a light in a darkened room. >> Vincent Van Gogh

Although I’m far from what I want, I know that God will help me to become the person I desire. Vincent Van Gogh

Sometimes, success is the result of many failures. >> Vincent van Gogh, Van Gogh

We will have had enough of skepticism, cynicism and humbug by the end and want to live more musically. Vincent Van Gogh

Do not seek darkness and despair, but only light and freedom. >> Vincent van Gogh

Dreamers who live by the daydream are aware of many things that escape those who only dream at night. >> Vincent van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh: Love many things is the best way to live your life.

I paint the stars when I feel a desperate need for – shall we say the word – religion. >> Vincent van Gogh

For art to be more understandable, you must keep your love for nature. >> Vincent van Gogh

It’s a shame that as one gains experience, one also loses his youth. >> Vincent Van Gogh

If I stop searching, then I’m lost. This is how I see it: keep going no matter what. >> Vincent van Gogh

One who loves deeply can do much. Vincent Van Gogh

Despite being in deep misery sometimes, I still feel calm, harmony, and music within me. >> Vincent van Gogh

If one wants to live, one must be willing to work hard. Vincent Van Gogh

I don’t know anything, but the sight and sound of the stars inspires me to dream. >> Vincent van Gogh

The lamps are on fire and the stars are above it all. >> Vincent van Gogh

I feel more able to make my own decisions by creating vibrant, well-arranged and radiant colour. Vincent Van Gogh

If I had to choose madness, I wouldn’t have made it. But once you are enslaved by it, there is no way to escape. Vincent Van Gogh

I wish to leave in a way that is more loving and nostalgic than I look back.. >> Vincent van Gogh

Beautiful things are what I long for. Beautiful things take effort, disappointment, and perseverance. >> Vincent van Gogh

It is better to live a gay lifestyle than to commit suicide. >> Vincent Willem van Gogh

The color of a photograph is the essence of enthusiasm. >> Vincent van Gogh

You must first understand yellow, orange and blue to understand blue >> Vincent van Gogh

We must remember that our little emotions are the captains of our lives, and we often obey them without even realizing. >> Vincent van Gogh

I would rather die from passion than boredom. >> Vincent van Gogh

My mind wanders to this question: What am I good at? Could I not be of use or service in any way? >> Vincent van Gogh

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Be careful not to be narrow-minded or fearful of reading well-written writings. They can provide comfort and guidance. >> Vincent van Gogh

Our whole lives were spent in the unconsious pursuit of the art and craft of writing. Vincent Van Gogh

I believe that love is the most authentic form of art. >> Vincent van Gogh

There is only one Paris. And, no matter how difficult it may be to live here, even if it becomes harder and more difficult–the French air helps clear the mind and does good–a whole world of good. Vincent Van Gogh

Greatness is not achieved by following one’s instincts. It takes patience to remove the steel wall between what one feels and what one can do. >> Vincent van Gogh

It is becoming more difficult to live a full life, but fighting through the challenges can help you find your inner strength. Vincent Van Gogh

She and I both have experienced enough grief and trouble. But, regrets aside, neither one of us has any. >> Vincent van Gogh

It is so right to love flowers and the greenery that pines, ivy, and hawthorn hedges provide; they have been there from the beginning. >> Vincent van Gogh

Artists don’t have to be clergymen or church wardens. But they must have compassion for their fellow man >> Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh: I take good care of myself and keep myself safe.

I am not an adventurer by choice, but by chance. >> Vincent van Gogh

Don’t let your imagination and inspiration die; don’t be a slave to your model. >> Vincent Van Gogh

Good work requires that you eat well, live in a well-kept home, smoke a pipe and enjoy a cup of coffee in >> Vincent Van Gogh

It is amazing how rich art can be, if one only recalls what they have seen. One is never truly alone, or empty of thoughts, no matter how many times one looks. >> Vincent van Gogh

I am always reminded by bookshops that there are many good things in the world >> Vincent van Gogh

I will stop here, but Shakespeare is so beautiful. His language and method are as exciting and exhilarating as the brush that brushes it. However, one must first learn how to read. >> Vincent van Gogh

The memories of those we love stay with us and bring back the best times of our lives. They aren’t dead, but they do sleep. It is a good idea to keep a small collection of them. >> Vincent van Gogh

Many painters fear the blank canvas. But the blank canvas fears the painter who dares to break the spell of “you can’t” once and for all. >> Vincent van Gogh

I am able to articulate my goals and I can ignore criticisms that I do not follow through. To answer that, I have done some more hurriedly in the last few days. >> Vincent van Gogh

It is better to win a victory after a long and hard work-intensive life than to gain it sooner. >> Vincent Willem van Gogh

How would life be if we were afraid to try something new? >> Vincent van Gogh

My canvases are as meticulously worked on as those of the laborers. >> Vincent van Gogh

I wanted people to think about a completely different way of living than the one we live as educated people. It would be a shame for anyone to not see it as beautiful or worthwhile. >> Vincent Van Gogh

This is how I see it. To continue, to continue is what is required. >> Vincent van Gogh

I can’t avoid making mistakes, even though I know my fallibility. Only after I fall can I get back up. Vincent Van Goth

Nature is beautiful if one loves it. >> Vincent van Gogh

I believed I’d be understood without the use of words. Vincent van Gogh

It is beautiful to paint darkness with light. Van Gogh

Safety is found in the very center of danger. >> Vincent van Gogh

I thought I’d be understood by words. >> Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh: The simple-minded are able to see many things that the wise miss >>

It does not mean that I am unfit for commerce or academic study. >> Vincent Willem van Gogh

I would like to paint humanity, humanity, and again humanity. >> Vincent van Gogh

I’m unable to explain the exact cause of my anxiety attacks. Sometimes, there is a sense of emptiness and fatigue, and sometimes, it can be overwhelming. >> Vincent van Gogh

You start by blaming yourself for not being true to nature. Then you work quietly with your own palette and nature will follow. >> Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh: The distant earth shines like a star

It is something that I find more artistic the more I think about it. I love people. >> Vincent van Gogh

It has been my passion to paint for people who don’t understand the artistic side of a picture. >> Vincent van Gogh

You must accept the reality of your fate. >> Vincent van Gogh

Love is eternal… Although the aspect of love may change, its essence will not. >> Vincent van Gogh

To love all things is the best way to live life. >> Vincent van Gogh

The sublime is not lost, and illusions can fade. Vincent van GoghShe is my companion and I am her. This makes it possible to share our sorrows and make the unimaginable bearable. >> Vincent van Gogh

I’m looking, I’m striving, and I’m in it with all of my heart. >> Vincent Van Gogh

A good picture is equal to a good deed. Vincent Van Gogh

Nature at dawn is the most beautiful thing. >> Vincent Van Gogh

You can love your friend, your wife, or something else, but you must love with deep and profound intimacy, strength, intelligence, and a desire to know more, better, and deeper. >> van Gogh

Poetry is everywhere. But putting it on paper is not as easy as just looking at it. >> Vincent van Gogh

I tried to convey the idea that the cafe was a place where you can get mad, ruin yourself, or commit a crime. Van Gogh


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